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Q. Who is eligible to sign up for the ZH SIM only mobile plans?

A. All business and corporate customers are eligible to sign up for ZH mobile plans.

Q. How can I sign up for ZH Mobile plan?

A. Get your American Express/Mastercard/Visa Debit, Credit Card, or Virtual Credit Card, and physical ID (Singapore NRIC, Employment Pass, S Pass, 11B or Work Permit)/ MyInfo ready and follow the steps to ZH now! Your SIM card will be delivered right to your doorstep for free.

Q. How will I be charged for ZH Mobile?

A. Your first monthly plan subscription bill will be charged to your American Express/Mastercard/Visa Debit or Credit Card during sign-up. Your ZH plan gets auto renewed every 30 days. Your monthly bill will be automatically charged to the saved Credit/Debit Card. You can update your card details anytime using the ZH mobile app.

Q. When will be my new recurring payment date be?

A. Please refer to our email for your updated recurring payment date, thereafter this date will be reflected in your ZH app.

Delivery Process

Q.How much is the delivery fee?

A. 1st delivery will not be chargeable. For the subsequent delivery due to failed delivery will be charged at $8. Your ZH SIM card will only be delivered to locations in Singapore. We offer next-day delivery for orders submitted before 5.30pm from Mondays to Fridays. That’s 9am-9pm from Monday to Saturday excluding Sundays and Public Holidays.

Q. Do I need to be present to receive the SIM card?

Yes, simply present your Document ID to the delivery driver for verification and you will be able to receive your ZH SIM card. You can authorize your friend to collect it for you if you are not free.

Roaming Plans

Q. Can I buy a roaming plan without a ZH Mobile plan?

A. You would need to sign up for a ZH Mobile plan before any roaming plan can be purchased.

Q. Can I use SMS and talk time with ZH roaming plans?

A. ZH roaming plans are data-only plans, so international outgoing talk time or SMS is not available, but you can receive international SMS.

Q. When will my ZH roaming plan expire?

A. Your ZH roaming plan will start and expire based on Singapore Time (GMT +8). Expiry of all plans will be at 2359hrs, Singapore Time (GMT +8) on the last day of the expiry.

Q. How do I know when my ZH roaming plan expires?

A. It’s easy peasy! Simply keep track of your ZH roaming plan expiry on your ZH app under the ‘Roaming’ Tab.

Q. Am I able to connect to 4G networks with ZH roaming plan?

A. Yes, the ZH roaming plan is available on 4G networks.

Q. What happens if I do not completely utilise the data by the expiry date?

A. All unused data on any ZH roaming plan will expire at 2359hrs Singapore Time (GMT +8) on the plan’s expiry date. There will be no additional surcharges or pro-rating for any unutilised data.

Q. Can I share the data with my friends?

A. Yes, you can tether the data with your mobile phone, but do take note that connection experience decreases with more users.

Q. Why am I experiencing slow data roaming speed?

A. Data roaming speed may vary depending on:

  • Overseas network coverage
  • Overseas network capacity
  • Overseas operators’ Fair Usage Policy
ΖΗ SIM Only Plan

Q. What is ZH sim only mobile plans?

A. ZH Plans provide our Enterprise customers with an entirely new and superior mobile experience including fast connections, huge bundles of data, and the flexibility to customise plans with new value-added services (VAS).

Q. What are the benefits of subscribing to a mobile line on a ZH SIM Only plan?

A. With no contract to tie you down, ZH SIM Only plan is an affordable plan giving you 8GB of data, 150 minutes local talk time and 50SMS monthly at just $8.80/month!

Q. What will happen if I exceed the data bundle that comes with the SIM Only plan?

A. Excess data charges will be billed to you based on the prevailing pay-per-use rates. You can refer to the ZH app on your smartphone to monitor your usage.

Q. I am signing up for ZH SIM Only plan today but I can’t decide how much data/SMS/talk time I need. Can I change the data/SMS/talk time add-ons later?

A. Yes, you can change the add-ons through the ZH app on your smartphone or calling our hotline. The new bundle will be activated within 1 working day.

Q. Is there a minimum subscription period for the SIM Only plan and the SIM Only add-ons?

A. Yes, a minimum 1-month subscription period applies for ZH SIM only plan.

Q. I have a SIM Only without a contract. If I choose to terminate within one week, will there be any charges?

A. No, there is no early termination charge for customers with SIM Only plans without a contract.

Transferring My Number to ΖΗ

Q. Can I transfer my existing number to ZH Mobile?

A. Yes! Simply tell us your number during sign-up and let us handle it. Do remember the following:

  •  Ensure that your existing number is a registered under your NRIC/FIN with your telco.
  • Approach your telco to transfer ownership if your number is not registered under your NRIC/FIN.
  • Check that your current mobile line is not inactive/suspended and there are no outstanding payments.

Q. Should I terminate my mobile plan with my current telco before transferring my number to ZH?

A. Please do not terminate your mobile plan with your current telco. Simply indicate your existing number during sign up and we’ll complete the process for you. Your mobile line with your current telco will be terminated automatically once it’s transferred to ZH successfully.

Q. Will there be any fees when I transfer my number to ZH?

A. Transferring your number to ZH is completely free. However, remember to ensure that both your mobile plan and value-added services are out of contract with your current telco as Early Termination Charges will apply.